Advice to Organizers

Advice to Conference Organizers

Hiring professional conference interpreters means high-quality interpretation services for your conference. However, for the interpreters to provide the best possible service, please remember the following points:

  • Give each speaker a copy of our Advice to Speakers.
  • Send all conference documents (in all the working languages of the conference) to our office. These materials should be received early enough for us to become familiar with them and to prepare glossaries of technical terms. They documents may include:
    • agenda/program;
    • biographical profiles of speakers;
    • texts of speeches;
    • minutes of the previous meeting;
    • reports on conferences held previously on the same topic;
    • any material provided to delegates.
  • Any documents distributed during a meeting (reports, resolutions, motions, etc.) should also be handed immediately to the interpreters.
  • If the conference is highly technical, it is advisable to organize a briefing session between the interpreters and the speakers beforehand.
  • To ensure smooth coordination during the conference, we recommend that you assign one individual to be your organization’s contact person.
  • Please note that CIC provides the services of interpreters only. You will have to hire a separate firm offering conference interpretation equipment and technical services. CIC will be pleased to recommend companies specialized in this area.

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